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Welcome to Láhku - where passion for nature forms the basis of our unique brand. In 2021, our company was founded by siblings Abbe and Rawan who share an interest in nature. Through our brand, we strive to offer sustainable clothing and connection with nature.

Láhku is a product of our love for nature and our adventure as immigrants who found a home in Sweden. We carry with us a history of change and adaptation, and it is this diversity that permeates every aspect of our brand.

(Láhku, Lako) means "high-lying vast mountain heath" and is a tribute to the landscape that has become our source of inspiration. We are proud to not only offer aesthetically pleasing clothing but also to be part of a change towards sustainability. Through strict sustainability principles, we aim to offer our customers sustainable options without compromising on style or comfort.

Carry the Swedish wilderness with you wherever you go and welcome to Láhku, where every step is a step closer to uniting people and nature through art and sustainability.


Please do not return to this address. Instead, contact our customer service for help.

Branteviksgatan 5a
214 41 Malmö

Phone: +46709765746

Company register : Swedish Companies Registration Office.
Company registration number : 911002-5468.
VAT registration number : SE911002546801.