Återvunnen polyester

Recycled polyester

Working environmentally friendly with textiles is complex, but we must do the best we can with the technological advancements available to in this moment. A part of our range at Láhku contains recycled polyester, essentially manufactured by recycling existing plastic commonly found in water bottles.

A 2017 research study revealed that the production of recycled polyester generates 79% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than manufacturing new polyester. Additionally, the production of recycled polyester significantly requires less water.

Moreover, recycling plastic into fabric can aid in protecting marine ecosystems and underwater creatures from plastic pollution by minimizing the millions of tons of plastic that end up in our oceans every year.

Approximately 60% of today's fashion garments are made of polyester, and the material has its advantages as it is durable, retains its shape, resists wear, and efficiently wicks away moisture. From an environmental perspective, this also has a positive impact when using this material, as it allows us to wear our clothes for a longer time instead of buying new ones.

Recycled polyester

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