In northern Sweden, we find a northwest-southeast U-shaped valley in Abisko National Park, called Čuonjávággi.

This area, now more commonly known as Tjuonavagge or Cuonavaggi, translates to "Goose Valley" or "Mountain Ridge Valley" in Sámi. It's a unique attraction with a distinctive profile. Čuonjávággi comprises two mountains with steep walls and two peaks—Tjuonatjåkka and Nissuntjårro. They stand at heights of 1,554 and 1,738 meters, respectively.

The 2-kilometer-long valley between these peaks resembles a U, and its opening, Čuonjávággi, was formed during the last glacial period when the ice wore down the mountain slopes. However, legend has it that a Sámi, along with his reindeer herd, had difficulty navigating the area until the mountain opened up, showing him the way.

Where is the best view of Čuonjávággi?

Seventy kilometers northwest of Kiruna and over 10 kilometers southeast of Abisko lies the mountain. This place is both the starting and ending point of the Kungsleden trail and many other mountain hikes. However, there are no passable roads or hiking trails to Lapporten. So, how can you experience it best? Below are five suggestions for different locations where you can experience it in various ways. Some offer views directly from the roadside, while others require a short walk or even a cable car ride up the mountains.

Torneträsk: Experience Lapporten up close during winter by walking or skiing onto the ice. During summer, access is possible by boat.

Hotel Fjället, Björkliden: Here, you can enjoy one of the best possible views!

Silverfjället, Björkliden: Located under E10, at the turnoff to Björkliden, Silverfallet offers paths leading to the shore of Torneträsk. From the south, Lapporten is clearly visible.

Abisko: Regardless of where you are in Abisko, you can experience Lapporten. Additionally, via the "Paddus nature trail," you can get 6.4 kilometers closer to the mountain, though not all the way.

Atop Njullá: Between Abisko and Björkliden lies the mountain "Njullá." Take a cable car or hike up here and enjoy the view. From here, you can also experience the Aurora Sky Station: https://auroraskystation.se/.

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