The lynx

Protected and not the easiest animal to spot, yet easy to be fascinated by—a true inspiration for Láhku. The elusive lynx, the only wild cat in the Nordic region, thrives best in mountainous and steep terrain. It's a solitary forest animal that marks its territory with urine scent markings. The home range varies in size but is usually between 3 to 7 square miles.

The mating season occurs in March-April, and in May-June, the female gives birth to up to four cubs that follow their mother until the following spring. During that time, they primarily learn to hunt prey, with deer being the most important. Occasionally, they adapt according to availability; reindeer, hares, and jungle fowl are common prey. On average, a lynx lives for 12-14 years, but the oldest known lived to be a remarkable 17 years old.

How can one experience encountering a lynx?

With their keen sense of smell, night vision, silent paws, camouflage, and incredibly hearing, they can easily avoid humans. Despite this and their shy behavior, there is a chance to see them, especially at dusk and dawn.

It might also happen that you encounter a lynx in residential areas and on roads; they are curious and often near these areas. However, just as quickly as they realize who they've encountered, they swiftly move away—so take the opportunity to enjoy this incredible animal!

Lynx hunting has sparked strong reactions.

There are divided opinions about licensed hunting for lynx. During 2023, the licensed hunt is ongoing from March 1 to April 15, allowing the hunting of a total of 201 animals, which is nearly double from the previous year. Some criticize the decision, considering it counterproductive from a socioeconomic perspective and as a concession to hunting interests. The lynx holds a crucial role in the ecosystem. Others argue that the license is set in relation to the number of lynx cubs and that the lynx population is far from extinction.

Body length: 80-130 cm
Weight: 15-25 kg (adults)

Distribution in Sweden:
All provinces except Öland & Gotland

Track size & shape:
Size: about 7-8 cm
Shape: Resembles a large cat track
More rounded in shape than a wolf track.

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